The Third Reich in Power

The Third Reich in Power unfolds the terrible and compelling story of the Nazi regime, from the moment Hitler seized power in the summer of 1933 to the point where he plunged Europe into war. Richard J. Evans examines how it was possible for a group of ideological obsessives to remould a society famous for its sophistication and complexity into a one-party state directed purely at war and race hate. He shows how the Nazis won over the hearts and minds of German citizens, twisted science, religion and culture, and transformed the economy, education, law and order to achieve total dominance in German politics and society. The major events of the dictatorship – including the Night of the Long Knives, the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws, the Olympic Games, the pogroms, the headlong rush to war – are re-created with skill and understanding, but just as important is the author’s engagement with the myriad, smaller ways in which a whole population became enmeshed in a horrific experiment in human engineering at the very heart of Europe. The picture created is of a dictatorship consumed by visceral hatreds and ambitions and driven by war.

Book: Penguin/Allen Lane Hardback | 153 x 234mm | 960 pages | ISBN 0713996498 | 27 Oct 2005
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