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Europe’ Century of Peace and Progress

Europe’ Century of Peace and Progress

We might be leaving the EU but we’re very much part of Europe

London Evening Standard, 25 August 2016, p. 16.

Why is History still written by men?

The Guardian Review, 6 February 2016, p. 3

Hitler as Military Leader

Wartime: Official Magazine of the Australian War Memorial, Summer 2016, pp. 10-16.

‘L’impérialisme écologique n’explique pas la Shoah’

Le Monde, global edition online, 17 October 2015.

End the secrecy now

The Sun, 20 July 2015, p. 7.

Five Best: Richard J. Evans on the Third Reich Remembered

Wall Street Journal, 28 March 2015

Think Again

World War II, May/June 2015, pp. 66-73

Museum at War

The Times, 27 February 2015, p. 29

My people will be passengers, not customers

King for a Day’ series, The Guardian, 14 February 2015, p. 33.

The darkest memory

The Guardian, review section, 7 February 2015, pp. 2-4

Die Heimsuching

Die Zeit: Hamburg, 17 November 2014, p. 1.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Richard J. Evans

Kilavuz 51 (Autumn 2014).

The Front Lines

The Guardian, 26 July 2014, Review Section, p. 4.

Michael Gove: “bogeyman” or “the greatest education secretary ever”?

The Guardian, 22 July 2014, Education Section.

Interview by Takeshi Minami on World War I commemoration in UK

JiJi Press News Agency, Tokyo, 24 June 2014.

Higher Calling. By the ghost of Sir Thomas Gresham – it’s a London institution

Times Higher Education, 12-18 June 2014, pp. 41-43.

Interview with Greek newspaper Kathimerini

6 May 2014

Interview with Greek newspaper To Vima

6 May 2014

Sino-US differences will not lead to global war, says historian: Interview

Interview in Straits Tines Asia Report (Singapore), 31 March 2014 (online

Interview with Professor Sir Richard J. Evans

in Historia, Journal of the Historical Society of Israel, No. 31-32, February 2014, pp. 7-47 (in Hebrew).

Enough of the armchair generals

The Guardian Saturday Review, 15 March 2014.

Ten-point guide to dodging publishing pitfalls

Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 March 2014

The Past That Never Was

BBC History Magazine, March 2014, pp. 36-39.

La perception britannique de la Grande Guerre est concentrée sur l’expérience nationale’

Le Monde, 26 Feb. 2014.

How to remember a war

The Indian Express, 3 February 2014, p. 10.

Will the Next World War Start in the Middle East

The New Republic, 25 January 2014 (online interview)

WWI coin “inappropriate” and Gove is a “donkey

says Cambridge academic’, Varsity, 24 January 2014

Before the war. Old world decline, rogue empires, killing for God – what are the lessons of 1914 for today

New Statesman, 17-23 January 2014, pp. 22-29

Letter on Foreign Office concealment of documents

The Guardian, 23 January 2014

Michael Gove Shows His Ignorance of History – Again

The Guardian Review, 6 January 2014, inside back page.

Books of 2013

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 48/2013 (19 December 2013), p. 51

Letter in London Review of Books

35/24 (19 December 2013), p. 4 (see response two issues later)

Der Angriff

Merian: Dresden (Hamburg, December 2013), pp. 50-51.

Interview on Der Landser

BBC History Magazine (History Extra website), 18 September 2013

Interview on commemoration of World War I

Cambridge News, 8 August 2013


The Guardian, Review section, 13 July 2013, pp. 2-4; part reprinted in Primary History: The Primary Education Journal of the Historical Association, 65 (Autumn, 2013), pp. 16-17

Angleterre: l’île ou le monde?

Le débat, 175 (mai-août 2013), pp. 163-71

Syphilis – the great scourge

Microbiology Today , Vol. 40, No. 2 (May, 2013), pp. 62-65

The Mr Men game

The New Statesman 17-23 May 2013, p. 29.

The rote sets in. Michael Gove’s new history curriculum

The New Statesman, 15-21 March 2012, pp. 60-61.

Beware meddling with the history curriculum

Letter to The Times, 1 March 2013

Letter in The Guardian

19 February 2013.

Interview with Greek newspaper To Vima

10 Feb 2013, pp. 6-7.

On Her Majesty’s scholarly service

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 7-13 February 2013, pp. 40-43

The folly of putting Little England at the heart of history

Financial Times, 8 February 2013, p. 11.

Nevana ne skrajna desnica

Dnevnik (Slovenia) 29 Jan 2013, p. 4 (interview).

The Vôlkischer Beobachter

Letter to the editor, Times Literary Supplement, 18 January 2013, p. 6

Ein Volk vor dem Gericht der Geschichte

Geo-Epoche Nr. 58, pp. 150-55 [interview]

Letter to The Times on used of unmanned drones to bomb civilians in Afghanistan

7 December 2012

Royal Succession: Why a New Law Won’t Change Much

The Guardian online, 5 December 2012.

Books of the Year

New Statesman 29 November 2012.

A Right Royal Rumpus

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 11 October 2012, p. 24 (correspondence and final reply in following four issues).

Why did the Nazis come to power?

New Perspectives on Modern History 18/1 (Sept 2012), 6-9

A New Threat for a New Era

New Statesman 2 July 2012, pp. 29-33.

Is history history?

The Guardian, 18 May 2012, p. 26.

Beware of easy historical parallels – Merkel is no Brüning

New Statesman, 13 February 2012, p. 20.

1066 and all that

New Statesman, 23 January 2012, pp, 42-5, and letter in 30 Jan issue p. 6.

Books of the Year

The Times Literary Supplement 2 December 2011, p. 10.

The Historian’ Historians

History Today, 61/12, December 2011, pp. 67-8.

A year in books

New Statesman, 21 November 21011, p. 50.

The shackles of the past

New Statesman 21 November 2011, pp. 22.25.

An Exchange: Toepfer and the Holocaust

Standpoint 35, November 2011, pp. 16-17.

Learn for the right reasons

The Guardian, 27 August 2011, p. 43.

Critical path: how did a book reviewer and an author end up in court?

Times Higher Education Supplement, 4-10 August 2011, pp. 26-27.

Remembrance of Things Past

Men’s Style, May 2011, 123-9 (interview quote)

Art in the Time of War

The National Interest 113 (May/June, 2011), 16-26.

The Third Reich at War

An Interview with Richard J. Evans’, History News Network 13 April 2011.

The Wonderfulness of Us (the Tory interpretation of History)

London Review of Books 33/6 (17 March 2011), 9-12 (see letters and response in subsequent issues).

Tainted money?

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 March 2011, pp. 41-44; see also correspondence in THES 14 April 2011, p. 38.

Panel Games

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 17 February 2011, p. 44.

Glaubt der Diktator an seinen Mythos, sind seine Tage gezählt

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 23 January 2011, ‘International’ , p. 5.

Christmas Books recommendation New Statesman Dec 2010

Response to critics

London Review of Books, 2 December 2010, p. 4.

Foreword, Wolfson College Magazine 34

Wolfson College Magazine 34 (2009-2010), p. 5.

Summer reading

CAM 60 (Easter 2010), p. 43.

Sussex cuts threaten a proud history of research-led excellence

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 10-16 June 2010, pp.31-2

Richard Evans discusses Puck of Pook’s Hill

CAM: Cambridge Alumni Magazine 59 (Lent 2010), p. 53.

Nazis, Soviets, Poles, Jews: An Exchange

The New York Review of Books Vol. LVII, No. 2 (February 2010), p. 44.

Peaceful war?

BBC History Magazine Vol. 11 (2010), No. 2, pp. 52-56.

Waaeheid en herinnering

Nexus 53 (2009), pp. 139-52.

What are you reading

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 17-23 September 2009, p. 47.


Special Supplement to The Guardian, 8 September 2009, pp. 5-11.

Interview in El Mundo on the Second World War

early September 2009.

Truth, in Mick Gordon and Chriis Wilkinson (eds.)

Conversations on Truth (Continuum Books, London, July 2009), 61-73.

The history makers

The Guardian 2, 26 May 2009, pp. 10-11.

Van euthanasia tot Holocaust

interview in Reformatorisch Dagbla, 3 June 2008, p. 17.

The Nazi Seizure of Power

by William Sheridan Allen, Times Higher Education Supplement, 23-29 April, 2009, p.. 37

‘Sein wahres Gesicht. Vor 65 Jahren tat der Hitler-Attentäter Graf von Stauffenberg das Richtige. Aber es ist falsch, den strikten Anti-Demokraten heute zum Superhelden zu verklären. Anmerkungen zum Start des Films “Operation Walküre”

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin 4 (23 January 2009), pp. 8-10; English version in International Searchlight no. 405, March 2009, pp. 24-26.

Holocaust denial should not be a crime

Varsity, 16 January 2009, p. 9.

Perverting the course of science

The Daily Telegraph, 2 December 2008, p. 29.

As Europe slumps, is the far Right rising?

The death of Jörg Haider has cast light on the resurgence of fascist politics in Austria and Italy’, The Times, Tuesday October 14, 2008, p. 28.

Writing the history of Nazi Germany

BBC History Magazine Vol. 9,) 10 (October 2008), pp. 60-61.

Letter to New York Review of Books, 14 February 2008.

On the Current State of History

An Interview with Richard J. Evans’, in Donald A. Yerxa (ed.), Recent Themes in Historical Thinking. Historians in Conversation (University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 2008), pp. 23-27.

Richard Evans: “Hitler-Parodien? Wenn’s lustig ist

Interview in Die Welt, 16 January 2007, page 27.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

British students cannot do justice to international history if they have no understanding of foreign languages’, BBC History Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 1 (January 2007), 86-7.

Is it worth studying the history of the nation state any longer?

The Guardian, Saturday 30 December 2006, p. 28.

It broadens the mind

BBC History Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 8 (August 2006), 27.

The Death of Old Europe

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 23 September 2005, p. 18

Hitler’s Dictatorship

History Review, 51 (March 2005), 20-25.

Interview in Rita Kuczynski (ed.)

Ostdeutschland war nie etwas Natürliches (Berlin, 2005), 47-57

Zwei deutsche Diktaturen im 20. Jahrhundert? Essay

Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 1-2/2005, 3 Jan 2005, 3-9.

The Coming of the Third Reich

History Review, 50 (Dec. 2004), 12-17.

I like a cruise with strings attached

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 10 September 2004, p. 24.


Historically Speaking, 5/4 (March, 2004), 28-32 (see above, item 55; also reprinted in Donald A. Yerxa (ed.), Recent Themes in Historical Thinking. Historians in Conversation (University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 2008), 120-30).

Today’s History: Richard J. Evans

by Daniel Snowman, History Today, Vol. 54 No. 1, January 2003, pp. 45-47 (reprinted in Daniel Snowman, Historians (Palgave, London, 2007), pp. 232-43).

Historiker sind Hofnarren

Interview in die tageszeitung (Berlin) 8 December 2003), p. 17.

Summer books selection

BBC History Magazine, Vol. 4 (2003) No. 7 (July), 68.

Our job is to explain, it is for others to judge: What is History?

Big Questions in History, no. 1’, in The Times Higher Education Supplement, 13 June 2003, pp. 20-21.

Blast from the past

Article on the Iraq war, The Guardian G2 section, 19 February 2003, p. 4.

Just how intelligent?

Thee official history of MI5, The Guardian, 18 February 2001, education section, p. 15.

Time to make Nazis history, or is there life in Hitler yet?

Joint interview with Sir Ian Kershaw, in The Times Higher Education Supplement, 24 January 2003, pp. 24-25.

Telling it Like it Wasn’t

BBC History Magazine 3 (2002), pp. 2-4; also in Historically Speaking, 5/4 (March, 2004) and in Donald A. Yerxa (ed.), Recent Themes in Historical Thinking. Historians in Conversation (University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 2008), 120-30).

Contribution to IPR Discussion

Cambridge University Reporter Vol. 133/6, No. 5901 (30 Oct. 2002), pp. 233-4.

Why I believe Cambridge’s IPR proposals threaten academic freedom

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 1 November 2002, p. 16.

David Irving: The Sequel

The New Statesman, 2 September 2002, p. 23.

Writ-Shy Decision

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 19 July 2002, p. 13.

The Führer, the Jackal, the Professor and his Publishers – The Sequel

Private Eye, 12-25 July 2002, p. 26 (also letter in following issue).

Article on the Irving Case

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 21 June 2002, pp. 14-15.

G. R, Elton and the Practice of History

History Today, December 2001, p. 3

Mullahs and kulaks – he would bin them all

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 9 November 2001

Geschichtsfälschung und Wahrheit

Göttinger Tageblatt, 5 November 2001.

Rechts-Weg ausgeschlossen. David Irving ist am Ende, das Verleumdungsgesetz bleibt

Frankfurter Rundschau, 31 July 2001.

An interest stirred

BBC History Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8 (August, 2001), p. 37.

Todesstrafe als politisches Symbol

die tageszeitung (Berlin), 9-10 July 2001, p. 6.

Victory for history

Interview by Jon Boone, Cherwell, 4 May 2001, p. 9.

In Defence of Common Sense

Cherwell, 27 April 2001, p. 6

Pursuit of truth

Interview of expert witnesses by Joe Plomin, The Guardian, education supplement, 24 April 2001, pp. 10-11.

Is this the past as we know it?

The Independent, 12 March 2001, Monday review p. 5.

How history became popular again

New Statesman, 12 February 2001. Pp. 25-7.

Facts to fight over

The Guardian, 6 February 2001, education supplement, p.14.

Witness: The Irving Trial, January 2000

BBC History Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1, January 2001, pp. 54-55.

Nynazister utgör inget hot

Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (Sweden), 16 October 2000, p. 6.

Kriget, Thatcher och tyskhatet

Moderna Tider, 120 (Oct. 2000), pp. 36-41.

History after Irving

Interview by Michael Kustow in Red Pepper, June 2000, pp. 27-9.

In defence of history

Interview in Varsity, 5 May 2000, p. 3.

History today: round-table dialogue

with Jim Sharpe, Peter Jones, Mike Savage, Eileen Yeo , David Parker and Kevin Morgan, Socialist History, 14 (1999), pp. 1-39.

Der Strom der Zeit läuft seinen Weg doch. Otto von Bismarck und die europäischen Parallelen seiner Politik

, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Beilage 'Bilder und Zeiten’, 25 July, 1998, p. iii.

Die Verteidigung der Geschichte. Ein Gespräch zwischen Richard Evans, Eric Hobsbawm und Albert Müller

Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften, Vol. 9, No. 1 (April, 1998), pp. 108-123.

In Defence of History

World Review, Vol. 2, No. 3 (October, 1997), pp. 6-8.

Watch on the Rhine?

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 7 November 1997, p. 16.

The Future of History

Prospect, October 1997, pp. 30-33.

Heart of the Matter

The Financial Times, 15 September 1997.

Truth lost in vain views

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 12 September, 1997, p. 18.

Report ignores part-timers

Article on the Dearing Report, in The Times Higher Education Supplement, 8 August, 1997, p. 12.

Victorious Gesture. Fifty years after the Nuremberg Trials, with the issue of war crimes as strong as ever, Richard Evans explains how the trials themselves are still a subject of some controversy

The Jewish Chronicle, 24 November, 1995, p. 31.

An Autumn of German Romanticism

History Today, Vol. 44 (1994), pp. 9-12.

Speaking Volumes

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 25 February 1994.

Kaiser Wilhelm II and German History

History Review, No. 10 (September, 1991), pp. 36-38, and 11 December, 1991), pp. 36-39. Reprinted in Gilbert Pleuger (ed.), Essays on German History 1862-1939 (Bedford, 1996), pp. 11-23.

Germany’s Morning After

Marxism Today, June, 1991, pp. 20-23

‘German Unification and the New Revisionism

Dimensions, Vol. 6, No.1 (March, 1991), pp. 10-14.

Berlin Unlimited

Marxism Today, September 1990, p. 9.

Myth of the German psyche

The Guardian, 19 July, 1990, p. 19.

‘A mockery of history?

The Sunday Correspondent, 6 May 1990, p. 18.

Promised Land?

Marxism Today, April 1990, pp. 18-21; revised version reprinted in Rereading German History, 1997.

Er was geen Sovjet-Treblinka

NRC – Handelsblad, 31 March, 1990, Zaterdays Bijvoegal: Boeken, p.1

Germany’s Future Turns on Confronting the Past

Newsday, 25 March, 1990, pp. 4-5.

One nation, two states

London Review of Books, Vol.11, No. 24, 21 December, 1989, pp. 5-6.

In Hitler’s Shadow: Rewriting History

Present Tense, July-August, 1989, pp. 30-38.

Angst in den Zeiten der Cholera

Kursbuch 94 (Berlin, 1988), pp. 89-106

The Militant Suffragettes

Hard Times: Zeitschrift der Neuen Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft, 20 (June, 1982), pp. 6-9.

British History: Marxist Interpretations

Hard Times - Info der neuen Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft, 14/15 (October, 1980), pp. 24-9.

Kvennsaga – mannkynssaga. Raett vid breska sagnfraedinginn Richard J Evans, sem fengist hefur vid rannsoknir à sögu kvennahreyfinga’

Thjodviljinn (Icelandic daily newspaper), 2 September, 1980, p. 7.

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British History: the View from the Left

Hard Times: Info der Neuen Deutsch-Britiischen Gesellschaft, 11, (October, 1979) pp. 5-10.