Internet Articles

Mistrust of medical science is not merely the product of ignorance

Open Democracy website, 28 October 2015.

Read and Vote: Is 2014, Like 1914, a Prelude to World War?

Toronto Globe and Mail website, 25 June 2014.

Interview about careers in history on graduate student workshop website:

BBC website article and interview on conspiracies

Why I believe Cambridge’s IPR proposals threaten academic freedom

The Times Higher Education Supplement, 1 November 2002, p. 16.

Postmodernism and History

on, exposing fashionable nonsense, October 2002.

G. R. Elton’s The Practice of History

Article (c. 2,000 words) on website of Blackwell Publishers, November 2001.

E. H. Carr’s What is History?

Article (c. 2,000 words) on website of Palgrave Publishers, November 2001.

Report on the M.A. Thesis of Joel Hayward.

Commissioned by the New Zealand Council of Jews for presentation to the Commission of Enquiry established by the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. May 2000. Typescript. 20,000 words.

David Irving, Hitler, and Holocaust Denial

Expert Witness Report presented to the High Court, London, in the case of Irving versus Penguin Books and Lipstadt, January 2000. Typescript, 740 pages (250,000 words), also available on various websites, e.g.

‘Postmodernism and History’.

Guest Essay, Encarta Internet Encyclopedia, July 2000

‘Reply to Critics’, on Institute of Historical Research website,

‘Reviews in History’, November 1999 (30,000 words).