Radio & Television

Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Chris Mann’s Drivetime Book Review

4 pm, 13 October 2016

On The Pursuit of Power

interviews on Share Radio, 13 September 2016

On The Third Reich in History and Memory

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Drive-Time with Chris Mann, May 2016.

On David Cesarani’s Final Solution

BBC Radio 4 Today, 8.50 a.m., 27 January 2016

Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit

National Geographic & Channel 4, October 2014.

ZDF Auslandsjournal

6 August 2014, on commemoration of World War I in the UK

Interview on conspiracy theory

KABC Drive-Time radio, Los Angeles, 5 June 2014.

BBC-2 discussion on Generation War

10 May 2014.

Interview on Euro elections

Deutschlandfunk, 28 May 2014.

‘History and Legacy of War’ Dialogue, CCTV (Beijing), 19th April 2014

Discussion of Mr Gove on World War I commemoration

BBC-1 tv Newsnight, 8 January 2014

Discussion of Mr Gove on World War I commemoration

BBC Radio 4 The World at One and Channel 4 television news, 3 January 2014.

The Nazi Search for the Holy Grail

Channel 5/NERD-TV, 22 November 2013

Seven Days That Made The Führer

Channel 5/Icon Films, 20 November 2013

The Nazi Underworld

National Geographic tv channel, two programmes, September/October 2013

P.M., BBC Radio 4, 8th July 2013, 5.27 to 5.32 p.m.

on History Curriculum reform.

Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, June 2013

on conspiracies

The Moral Maze, BBC Radio 4, 8-9pm

Wednesday 27 March 2013, on the national history curriculum

Sunday Politics with Andrew Neill and David Starkey

‘head to head’ on the national history curriculum, Sunday 3 March 2013, 11 a.m., BBC1 television.

Nightwaves, BBC Radio 4

July 4th, 2012: Germany’s growing economic power

Today, BBC radio 4

5 August 2011, discussion on whether there is ‘more news’ nowadays

Hitler’s life

reconstructions TV programme

The Valkyrie Legacy

History Channel documentary and Bonus Feature on the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie


BBC Radio 3, October 2010, on the end of reparations

Gefallen für Führer und Vaerland

Interview with Alexander Kluge, SAT 1 television, 11 July 2010, 00.30 hrs


BBC Radio 3, on Hugh Trevor-Roper, 6 July 2010

‘The Valkyrie Legacy’, United Artists/Prometheus Entertainment, February 2009

‘The Thirties in Colour’, BBC4 tv, 8 August 2008.

Today, BBC Radio 4, 5 April 2008, on dictatorship.

Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, 19 February 2008, on cultural depression.

In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, 21 March 2007, on Bismarck.

Hitler Speaks”. Channel 5 television, by Monster Films (also available on Google-video)

Interview/review with Sigrid Hoff, Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR3, 7 December 2006.

Today, BBC Radio 4, 28 February 2006, on the David Irving Trial in Vienna.

Channel 4 News, 20 February 2006, on the David Irving Trial in Vienna.

Newsnight BBC television channel 2, 25 January 2004, on Prince Harry and the swastika.

Nightwaves BBC Radio 3, 22 May 2004, on history and memory.

Front Row BBC Radio 4, April 2004, on D-Day

Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3. 18 November 2003.

Start the Week, BBC Radio 4 15 November 2003

Nightwaves, 29 January 2003, BBC Radio 3 (with Blair Worden, on Hugh Trevor-Roper).

Nightwaves, 13 November 2002, BBC Radio 3 (on Joseph Roth, Radetzky March).

Late Night Live, 1-hour programme on SBS radio, Sydney, Australia, and two other interviews on the Irving case on Australian radio, 29 July 2002.

Nightwaves, 22 January 2002, BBC Radio 3 (on the Wannsee Conference)

Nightwaves, 14 November 2001, BBC Radio 3 (on E. H. Carr)

Start the Week, 12 November 2001, BBC Radio 4 (on E. H. Carr).

Interview on The Irving Trial, BBC Radio 4, 8 November 2001

Interviews about the execution of Timothy McVeigh, and about Rituale der Vergeltung, 29-30 June 2001, with NDR 3, WDR3, MDR3, Radio Multikulti, etc., and also WDR3 television.

Discussion of Niall Ferguson, The Cash Nexus, with Niall Ferguson and Melyn Bragg, on In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, June 2001.

Interviews on the Irving verdict, 11 April 2000,

with Sky News, BBC Radio 4 News, Channel 4 television news, BBC 2 Newsnight television, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio, Swedish Television News, BBC World Service, BBC News 24, West German Radio, etc

Discussion of Eric Hobsbawm, The New Century, with Eric Hobsbawm and Melvyn Bragg, on In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, May 1999.

Discussion of Victor Klemperer, To the Bitter End. Diaries 1940-45, on Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, with David Cesarani, April 1999.

Discussion of Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel, with Jared Diamond and Melvyn Bragg, on In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, October 1998.

Interview on BBC World Service (in German) on centenary of Bismarck’s death, 6.30 p.m. on 30 July, 1998.

Interview on Berlin Airlift, ITN National News, midday, 26 June, 1998.

Front-of-camera participation in film on Druids, history and myth, in Leviathan, BBC 2 television, 7.50 p.m. on 17 June, 1998.

Discussion of Victor Klemperer, I Shall Bear Witness. Diaries 1933-40, on Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, Tuesday 5 March, 1998.

Discussion with Niall Ferguson and Antonia Fraser on Robin Day’s Book Talk, BBC Television News 24, 18 and 19 April, 1998, BBC 1, 22 April (26 minutes).

Discussion of dealing with past crimes, on The Afternoon Shift, BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 31 March, 1998.

Discussion of Oswald Mosley and fascism, on Today, BBC Radio 4, Saturday 7 February, 1998.

Discussion on Mark Kurlansky, Cod. A Biography of the fish that changed the world, on Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, Tuesday 27 January, 1998.

Front-of-camera participation in programme on Wagner in Great Composers series, BBC2 television, 9 p.m. on 11 January, 1998.

Discussion of history and memory on Talk Radio, Sunday 9 November, 1997.

Discussion of German-Jewish literature on Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, Tuesday 4 November, 1997.

Discussion of In Defence of History, on Nightwaves, BBC Radio 3, Tuesday, 14 October, 1997.

Discussion of In Defence of History, on Start the Week (BBC Radio 4), Monday 13 October, 1997.

Discussion of In Defence of History, on Talk Radio, Thursday 9 October 1997.

Interview on history and postmodernism for BBC Radio Eastern Region, Monday, 29 September, 1997.

Interview on history and fiction for Kaleidoscope, BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 5 August, 1997.

Live studio discussion on European History textbooks, Talk-tv, 27 January, 1997.

Half-hour discussion on present state of German history, with Hans-Ulrich Wehler, WDR 3, Cologne, 28 December 1995.

Recorded interview for Mexican television main evening news bulletin, on Auschwitz liberation anniversary, 27 January 1995.

Live studio commentary and discussion of Auschwitz liberation commemoration, BBC1, television, 27 January, 1995, 11.30 a.m.

Recorded panel discussion for BBC Radio Wales on anniversary of liberation of Hitler’s death-camps, 27 January 1995, 1.00 p.m.

Participation in ‘Document’, BBC Radio 4 programme on Nazi expropriation of Jewish property in Germany 1937, October 1994.

Cholera in Hamburg 1892 (April, 1991).

Half-hour radio programme for WDR3, Cologne

Ten – minute programme on Death in Hamburg (German edn.), in Bücher-Journal, NDR 3 (television) broadcast , 28 March, 1991.

NDR 3 (television) local news programme: interview on 1892 cholera epidemic (December, 1990).

Four German radio interviews on cholera in Hamburg 1892

NDR and Radio 107, various programmes, December, 1990

Programme on Bismarck and interview on anti-Semitism in Europe (October, 1990)

BBC World Service

(The Andy O’Mahoney Show) on In Hitler’s Shadow (April, 1990)

RTE (Dublin); half-hour radio programme

Mr Evans geht durch Hamburg

45 minute film by Klaus Wildenhahn about my research into the cholera epidemic of 1892, broadcast on NDR television on 9 April, 1989 and rebroadcast on anniversary of Hamburg cholera epidemic, 17 September, 1992.

Christmas Books recommendation

TLS Dec 2010

The March of the Women

Participation in five BBC World Service programmes in 1980