Cosmopolitan Islanders

In Cosmopolitan Islanders one of the world’s leading historians asks why it is that so many prominent and influential British historians have devoted themselves to the study of the European continent. Books on the history of France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and many other European countries, and of Europe more generally, have frequently reached the best-seller lists both in Britain and (in translation) in those European countries themselves. Yet the same is emphatically not true in reverse. Richard J. Evans traces the evolution of British interest in the history of Continental Europe from the Enlightenment to the twentieth century. He goes on to discuss why British historians who work on aspects of European history in the present day have chosen to do so and why this distinguished tradition is now under threat. Cosmopolitan Islanders ends with some reflections on what needs to be done to ensure its continuation in the future.

  • Richard Evans is one of the top three historians writing in the UK today, with a worldwide reputation that his recent Penguin trilogy on the Third Reich has only enhanced
  • Cosmopolitan Islanders will complement his best-selling Defence of History
  • The book is bound to generate controversy and debate
  • Reference ISBN-13: 9780521137249
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